My Current Cosplay Wishlist

Here is the list of items I need for my current or near-future cosplays. Items will be deleted as they are purchased, and new items will be added as I prepare to make new costumes. If you would like to support me by purchasing something for me off my wishlist, please let me know so I can take it off the list, and you can ship the item to:
Sinnocent Cosplay
6048 Hillcrest Drive
Watauga, TX 76148

All items are listed by Series ~ Character ~ Link(s) - If there are multiple links, that means I couldn't decide which one I liked best, but I only need 1, so you get to decide which one I use!


League of Legends ~ Bewitching Morgana ~ [Ebay]

Record of Agarest War Zero ~ Sayane ~ [Arda - Dark Purple - Wig] [Arda - Dark Purple - Cip-on]

Sailor Moon ~ Manga Sailor Moon ~ [Arda - Pure White - Size Small]


League of Legends ~ Bewitching Morgana ~ [Pinky Paradise]


League of Legends ~ Red Card Katarina ~ [Ebay - Black - Size 6.5]


Panty & Stocking w/Garterbelt ~ Panty ~ [Ebay - Bracelets] [Ebay - Earrings - Red - 2.4 Inch]

League of Legends ~ Bewitching Morgana ~ [Ebay - Elf Ears]

League of Legends ~ Red Card Katarina ~ [Ebay - Referee Shirt - Size Small - Option 1] [Ebay - Referee Shirt - Option 2] [Ebay - Gloves] [Ebay - Shorts] [Ebay - Referee Socks - Option 1] [Ebay - Referee Socks - Option 2]

World of Warcraft ~ Sylvanas ~ [Amazon]

Can't decide what to buy, but want to help me out? No problem! You could always just donate! Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated! All money donated will go directly to cosplay supplies!